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Intercommunication and IP control solutions from Ciser System
Wind farms, solar farms, power plants, energy facilities and more…

Among the most interesting applications of Ciser System products are those that focus on energy projects, especially those that have to do with with renewable and conventional energies. Our products can be found in multiple applications in wind farms, farms with solar installations, hydroelectric plants, in power plants, transformation and transmission centers, among others.

Being industrial products of high quality and robustness, they are ideal for both indoor and outdoor installations. Additionally, the use of IP or mobile data communication technologies makes them more flexible to install in sites where access is difficult.

Ciser System technology can be found at:

  • Wind farms and wind turbines
  • Solar farms
  • Power plants
  • Solar installations in buildings or industries
  • Transformation centers
  • Electrical transmission centers
  • Electrical accumulation points
  • Clean energy generating plants
  • Hydroelectric plants
  • Electric generation centers for industries and buildings
  • Non-conventional energy plants (marine energy, waste processing, geothermal, etc.)
  • and more…

The communication of this type of projects is usually remote or with private communications networks. Ciser System products offer the possibility of connectivity via mobile networks (4G/LTE), or through IP protocols with the option being wireless via Wifi strong> facilitating installation in projects of this type.

The strengthening of the new energy industry worldwide, in full growth, is clearly based on technology. Furthermore, all new energy installations, whether conventional or not, have a great technological foundation, not only in energy management itself but also in all complementary services. Those equipment and support components must meet very demanding requirements in terms of quality and efficiency.

Ciser System has in its catalog a wide variety of products and special solutions for this type of projects, capable of functioning in various environments and are of great help to the industry, by offering intercommunication and control solutions of high quality and flexibility.

Ciser System technology, manufactured in-house, such as PCB cards / boards, can be adapted to different environments, even being part of the facilities themselves, because they can be integrated into equipment or infrastructure from third parties. Additionally, Ciser System has a series of devices ready and designed to work in inhospitable environments, high-resistance vandal-proof, which allow their use both outdoors and indoors. , offering versatility to this type of projects.

In addition to allowing installation in various environments, Ciser System’s intercom, access and control products can be installed in multiple configurations in addition to being fully scalable. Its installation, connection and communication are simple.

Electrical installations of any type are usually in remote locations and are generally operating with systems that allow remote control.

Ciser System solutions are designed to fulfill their function in this type of remote, unattended environments. They are ideal because they allow remote intercommunication by voice, they allow you to control access (doors, fences, fences, among others) and they also allow you to monitor and control elements. external.

In addition to the typical functionalities, it is also possible to use it in specific applications such as high-quality hands-free internal intercommunication inside wind turbines. It is used for the intercommunication of technicians who are working simultaneously at both the base and the top of the wind turbine, which requires power in the speakers and quality audio.

One of the highlighted functionalities of Ciser System products for this type of infrastructure, in addition to the typical traditional remote access control by calling and activating a relay with a code or remotely, is thepossibility of programming and access planning, thanks to the teams’ own tool, with the possibility of scheduling schedules, changing them easily and activating access temporarily by code or QR.

It must also be taken into account that Ciser System solutions use communication protocols and standards, and can be integrated with own or third-party communications solutions or special installations such as switchboards (PBX), video surveillance systems, public address systems, access controls, alarm systems, security and control and infrastructure management software applications, ERPs, among others.

Additionally, they can be monitored and managed remotely either in command centers or individually, through the use of the web application itself, through other standard applications (with SMNP, SCADA), or through APIs. It also has remote testing and configuration tools, facilitating and optimizing equipment maintenance tasks even in the cloud.

It is also possible to save operating history and extract reports, which can also be used by external applications for advanced reports, dashboards, data analytics (Big Data), artificial intelligence among others, for other applications and service analysis.


  • Hands-free IP-SIP intercom
  • Point-to-point hands-free intercom or conference
  • Intercommunication with high audio quality and power
  • Access control (remote, automatic with QR, by dial code, with card readers, by push button and others)
  • VoIP communication and IP video
  • Integration with IP telephone exchanges (PBX)
  • IP SIP communication, IP SIP + 4G/LTE, GSM or analog via
  • Integration with IP cameras
  • Integration with IP public address (notification broadcast)
  • Control of doors or barriers
  • Relays controlled locally, remotely or automatically
  • Intercom with 1 button or keypad dialing
  • Centralized management for multiple points/devices/locations
  • Communication with one or more control centers
  • Remote control, configuration and testing from one or more Control Centers
  • Integration with third parties: Web, SMNP, SCADA, APIs, etc.
  • Digital inputs and outputs and integration with IoT
  • Different presentation formats: Vandal-proof, with red (SOS) or yellow (Information) casing, PCB card (Integratable into any device)
  • Accessibility through braille and magnetic loop
  • Round Control for surveillance or maintenance services (using code or card readers)
  • IP intercom also available with CiserPBX

Another Ciser System service is custom development on its boards and devices, as well as its software applications, including the CiserPBX central unit.

Complete IP Intercom and Control System

Ciser System’s IP intercom and control solutions for applications in wind farms, solar farms, hydroelectric plants, power plants and others, allow remote communication and management of devices, which can have different configurations and formats (equipment or integrated cards). Intercommunication is carried out via IP SIP or 4G/LTE, through private networks or through CiserPBX (in the cloud or private network). Remote management and monitoring can be carried out from different points of the network and can be carried out from one or more centers. Integration with third-party applications connected to the network is possible.

Ciser System Solutions for Energy Projects

IP intercom and control systems

For accesses, barriers, doors and others

Ciser System’s range of products Panphones and PCB cards allow intercommunication and control in all the doors and accesses of the physical infrastructures of Power Plants, Plants, Energy Parks and in general in all those rooms to access they. Also in parking areas, garages and restricted access areas. Opening the doors or barriers is possible by activating the relay either locally using QR code, dial code or contact cards strong> or remotely from a landline or mobile phone. That remote point can even be in remote management centers.

access planning is possible with tools from the same devices, which facilitate management with activation of codes on a temporary or scheduled basis. This facilitates the management and security of access for sites that are located in remote locations where technicians and maintenance personnel have to access with special permissions. QR codes can be generated for specific access with a certain duration.

These devices can be either IP-SIP LTE/4g or Wifi. Panphone devices are specially designed to work outdoors as they are made of resistant, vandal-resistant materials. There is a card version that can be incorporated into barriers or doors from various manufacturers.

Internal Intercom Systems

For hands-free internal communications in wind turbines and others

Remote assistance to maintenance technicians is crucial, therefore equipment that facilitates this communication between personnel in remote locations is of vital importance. Many times communication is required between two operators in the same room, or simply receiving assistance while manipulating equipment or tools. Having your hands free makes the work being done easier.

Ciser Systems intercom devices are specially designed to work in hands-free mode with very good sound quality, essential in industrial environments where machines, motors and generators can have high decibel levels when they are working. That is why they are generally used in wind turbines, since work is often coordinated between two people, one located at the base and the other in the tower. This optimizes and facilitates the coordinated work of the people who carry out their technical tasks.

This has other applications in the industrial world, where maintenance tasks must be carried out in remote areas with remote administration or coordination centers, and require this operation with hands-free remote support.


Informative Intercom Systems or SOS

For Evacuation Zones, Common Areas or Accesses

Ciser System also has the SOS Emergency Panphone in Yellow and Red colors, which are ideal for installation in all rooms to provide support or help to whoever needs it. With their striking colors and compliance with the building standard CTE SUA9/SI 3-7, luminous indications and braille, they are ideal for Rescue or Refuge Zones, in any type of building. They also have hands-free communication and magnetic loop can be adapted.

Round Control or Assistance Systems

For maintenance and surveillance services among others

The Ciser System intercom and Control devices, in addition to intercommunication and access controls, can also fulfill an additional function such as tour control or attendance control. Many companies must control the physical attendance of security or maintenance personnel in remote or remote locations. It is typical of electrical installations, with very large physical infrastructures, it is necessary to make tours to comply with maintenance or security requirements.

This control can be carried out with Ciser System equipment in multiple ways. Personalized use of codes, making a call, verification via video, or through card control is possible. All these ways are possible with the devices, depending on the version and characteristics, whether with a camera, with card control or the keyboard. The use of QR codes is also possible.

Thanks to the management tools it is possible to plan rounds and control schedules on the same devices or centrally.

Access Control Systems

For restricted areas, access doors, warehouses, sentry boxes, etc.

Ciser System’s control and intercommunication devices allow access control to particularly restricted areas, for security or privacy in the physical infrastructures of wind farms, solar farms, power plants and power plants, etc. They can be installed in remote places either by IP-SIP, WIFI, GSM 4G/LTE in access doors, sentry boxes, warehouses, private areas, etc. All of them have relays that control doors or external devices.

WIFI IP-SIP or LTE/4G wireless devices can be installed in remote sites where it is difficult to reach with physical wiring. The versions with camera also provide video for access control and access activation through QR.

They are very versatile devices in different recessed and surface versions, vandal-resistant, very resistant to the elements and inhospitable places.
The Security Panphone is also specially designed without holes and buttons for environments where greater security and avoidance of manipulation is required.

Integrated Video Surveillance Systems

Both the Panphone IP-SIP with camera, IP Cameras and IP Wall Monitor from Ciser System can be integrated into video surveillance systems, since VideoIP and standard codecs are used.

IP public address system

The Ciser System IP Public Address system is ideal for issuing announcements and sounds in large buildings. Both wall speakers, ceiling speakers, and IP speakers are POE, which makes their installation easier and more flexible. It is also possible to use IP Gateways that adapt traditional speakers and amplifiers to the IP Public Address system. Messages can be issued on a scheduled, centralized and zoned basis.



Intercommunication and IP Control in one device Intercommunication and IP Control in one device
Everything you need for efficient intercommunication and remote device control.

Different presentation formats Different presentation formats
Ciser System can provide both equipment finished as boards for integration into other devices.
<strong>SIP standard communication</strong> SIP standard communication
Standard communication with IP PBX Switchboards, through the SIP standard. CiserPBX solution available in the cloud or on-premise.
<strong>Wired and wireless solution</strong> Wired and wireless solution
The product versions allow communication in both wired and wireless connection formats with WIFI or via 4G/LTE.
<strong>Easy scalable</strong> Easy scalable
Se You can add as many devices as the LAN allows, there is really no limitation on the number of devices
<strong>Easy Integration into devices</strong> Easy Integration into devices
The PCB card format allows its integration into other customer devices or infrastructure.
<strong>Remote Control of Doors and other I/O applications</strong> Remote Control of Doors and other I/O applications
The devices, both equipment and cards themselves, have control with Relays for remote control of doors and other elements, with digital I/O. It is possible to add more digital inputs and outputs with OPTO card.
<strong>Easy integration with other solutions</strong> Easy integration with other solutions
Integration is possible with other CiserSystem solutions and with others from third parties. IP Public Address, Video Surveillance, Alarms, Analytics, Big Data and AI solutions can be integrated, among others.
<strong>Easy installation and maintenance</strong> Easy installation and maintenance
Thanks to the remote administration and configuration tools, it facilitates installation and maintenance.
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