Our new Secure Home System

A complete home network and IoT security layer that provides device management and tools to control content for users at home or on the go. It protects IoT devices against exploits targeting exposed interfaces and blocks malicious payloads.

Now you can easily prevent users from falling victim to malicious websites and a range of widespread attacks, including service disruption. If a device becomes infected, our system will automatically isolate it from other devices in the network, and block this attack across all devices of the same type.


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Our Unique Security Suite


  • Router, network and IoT protection
  • Protection against zero-day attacks
  • Safe Browsing
  • Virtual patching of device or router vulnerabilities
  • Prevention of attacks spreading
  • Mobile security
  • End-point management



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Why Us?


A security and management solution with no impact on performance or user experience.

We deliver the quickest time to market for CPE- based network security

Our unique, patented technology was developed for real-time attack prevention. Unlike other security providers that only detect attacks, the holistic solution stops attacks before

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