IP PA Systems

IP PA Systems

We provide Public Address systems for the diffusion of announcements in 100% IP environments, which can be used in different applications and configurations.

Messaging is broadcast from a telephone or softphone or through a PBX. It is fully compatible with IP switchboards (IP-PBX) or traditional PBX systems.


  • Horns and speakers for indoor or outdoor installation
  • Gateways for adaptation of traditional public address systems, which facilitate the reuse of already installed elements (speakers or amplifiers)
  • All elements have the possibility of POE Power, eliminating elements and points of failure in installations.
  • Software with LITE and PRO licenses to control an unlimited number of devices.
All these solutions can be integrated into our advanced IP intercom, telephony and public address systems.

IP PA System Components

MIP-S21T IP horn

IP Horn of 30 W. With POE power for indoor or outdoor installation (ABS IP67 protection)

IP MIP-S11 Wall Speaker

15W Wall Speaker With POE power for indoor or outdoor installation (ABS IP55 protection)

MIP-S01M IP Ceiling Speaker

IP Ceiling Speaker of 15W with incorporated microphone. With POE power for indoor ceiling installation.

IP MIP-S31T Wall Speaker

60W Wall Speaker With POE power for indoor installation (Aluminium Alloy).

MIP-T20 IP Public Address Gateway

dapter (Gateway) for connecting speakers or conventional audio systems to IP PA (1 LAN port) with additional connection ports (1 MIC IN, 1 Headset OUT, 1 Speaker OUT, 2 GPIO Alarm IN, 1 GPIO Alarm OUT, 2 Relay Alarm OUT).

Broadcast Software MIPSW LITE & PRO

Software for IP PA broadcast from desktop

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