Anti-Vandalic WIFI intercom for Emergencies with CSIP Card

Anti-vandalism WIFI intercom for IP-SIP extension standard, with quality audio and full duplex communication, high resistance and durability with mechanical pushbutton and surface installation, for outdoor or indoor use, for information and emergency uses.

With the same functionalities of the Panphone IP-SIP Series C Full duplex, adding WIFI functionality to facilitate installation in places that are difficult to access with conventional wiring. They are equipment for a surface installation, it has a treated aluminum box, resistant baked paint, hermetic seal, security screws and mechanical push buttons.

It allows automatic dialing to (PBX) IP-SIP extension standard through a mechanical press button.

Versions of Emergency-SOS WIFI Full-duplex Panphone are available in different colors for different applications, services or intercom projects: Yellow (Information) and Red (Emergency or SOS).

The Emergency-SOS IP Full-duplex Panphone are fully POE with enhanced audio characteristics like: high-quality audio, full duplex communication, echo canceller, ambient noise reduction, and more.

It has enhanced audio features like full duplex audio communication, echo canceller, ambient noise reduction, and more. It allows up to 5 independent SIP accounts and it is possible to select among multiple codecs (g.722, g.726, g.729, g.711a/u, GSM and OPUS that allows bandwidth adjustment).

It is available a version with Color Camera that allows videocalls. It also includes the ability to connect to external devices (biometric readers, proximity, etc.) and manage I/O inputs and outputs for LEDs, Indicators and other devices, with the option of adding more digital inputs and extra relay output with OPTO card.

It has additional optional functionalities upon request, 10W audio amplifier card, extra RJ45 port, OPTO card with 4 inputs/outputs and 1 extra relay and the functionality of additional speaker and microphone (Requires OPTO card).

The Emergency-SOS version is available to comply with the CTE SUA9 / SI 3-7 building standard.

Its physical characteristics offer high resistance and durability, allowing its use in outdoor or indoor climatic events at any point with Wi-Fi network coverage. Its approximate wireless range is 100 meters in open spaces and 50 in closed spaces. It is perfect for SOS points, access control multiple sites or doors, intercoms for gas stations, specific areas, hotels and hospital environments among others (see common uses).

Additionally, it facilitates maintenance work since it allows remote management and testing with public IP or through VPN.

They can be integrated with other external platforms through connection to databases, communication protocols and/or remote management or through APIs for special projects.

FeaturesProduct VersionsCommon uses


  • Surface, 1 Button
  • With IP color camera
  • Yellow and Red

General features:

  • Handsfree intercom with hanging and automatic hang-up
  • Direct Connection to IP SIP of PBX centrales IP with SIP standard via WIFI
  • Up to 5 independent IP-SIP accounts.
  • Improved audio quality, Full Duplex audio, Echo Canceller and Ambient Noise Reduction.
  • Codecs: g.722, g.726, g.729, g.711a/u, GSM and OPUS.
  • WIFI IEE 802.11 b,g,n, at 2,4 GHz/300Mbps
  • Braille Label.
  • Call status audio messages (Door open, call in progress, close door, among others) in Spanish and English
  • Remote administration via web interface.
  • Plate with 2 independent dry contact relays. Ideal for doors that activate electrically or external devices (card readers, fingerprint, etc).
  • Opening doors remotely (activation of relays) with dailing code from any extension.
  • Door opening/relay activation locally by QR code (camera version).
  • Programming of relay activation times and periods for PIN numeric codes, RFID and QR
  • Up to 250 users for PIN, RFID or QR.
  • Supports Video Call and Video Streaming with camera version.
  • Resistant anti-vandal case for indoor or outdoor for environmental conditions.
  • Illuminated indication (LED) in call status.
  • Extra IP port for connection of other devices.
  • Wiring required, UTP and AC Power in cases of non-POE installation.
  • Winegard ports for other devices (biometrics, readers, etc.)
  • LED ports for indicators.
  • TLS Coding
  • DHCP support
  • RS-485, MODBUS (Scada) protocols support
  • Administration, local and remote configuration via web interface and SMNP, either by Public IP or via VPN
  • Remote audio test (speaker and mic).
  • Traffic Log Management and accesses, exportable to .xls, .csv and .pdf.
  • Option for Additional OPTO card with 4 digital inputs and 1 relay output.
  • Option for 10W Audio-Amplifier Card.
  • Option for Extra RJ45 port.
  • Option for Extra Speaker and Microphone.
  • Option for 2 extra buttons.
  • Option for integration with third party APIs or external DDBB.
  • Option for event notification via SIP call.
  • It works with Centrals (PBX) with Asterisk IP software and power stations such as Alcaltel, Avaya, Cisco, Elastix, Epygi, Denwa, Matrix, Nec, Panasonic, Siemens, Hiper PBX, Xorcom, Yeastar and Zycoo, and others.

*Note: visit ‘ product’s versions’ to check references.

Emergency-SOS IP-SIP Full-duplex Panphone IP-SIP




Color Yellow RAL 1023* Red RAL 3020*
Format Surface
Button or Keyboard 1 button
Dimensions (HxWxD) mm 188×115,9×40
Color Camera No
Accessibility Braille and light indication (Led) for call status
Comply with CTE SUA9/SI 3-7 Yes

Emergency-SOS IP-SIP Full-duplex Panphone, with Color Camera




Color Yellow RAL 1023* Red RAL 3020*
Format Surface
Button or Numeric Keyboard 1 button
Dimensions (HxWxD) mm 188×115,9×40
Color Camera Yes
Accessibility Braille and light indication (Led) for call status
Comply with CTE SUA9/SI 3-7 Yes


  • Centralized access control for multiple sites or doors.
  • For attended or unattended gateways
  • Remote sites and of difficult access.
  • Parking and tolls
  • Gas stations, unattended service stations
  • For parking space
  • For evelators
  • Emergency intercom on the high way (SOS points)
  • Public transportation stations
  • Accessibility systems for reduced mobility people.
  • For specific areas or emergency in hotels, hospitals and other types of builidng
  • Vending machines