Ciser System Solutions

Ciser System IP Security, Intercom, Recording and Control Solutions
For Penitentiary Centers, Police Stations, Correctional Centers, and more…

Ciser System has a great variety of technological solutions for use in the Security environment and the management of Persons Internment Centers, valid for intercommunication, recording, access control, video surveillance, public address system, among others.

Ciser System technology can be found at:

  • Prisons
  • Police stations
  • Correctional Centers
  • Youth Centers
  • Internment Centers
  • Recognition Rooms
  • Interrogation Rooms
  • Visiting booths
  • Courts
  • Surveillance and Access Control Shelters

With Ciser System solutions, it is possible to configure projects with different options and formats, they are fully scalable, with great ease installation, connection and communication. The operation is mainly over IP and IP-SIP, which makes it especially suitable for implementation in different environments using standard communication systems, facilitating communication and integration.

Complete Solution for Security Environment

The Ciser System solutions for Penitentiary Centers, Police Stations, Correctional Centers and others, allow remote communication and management of the devices, which can have different configurations and formats. The communication of the elements is carried out via IP, for voice intercommunication and public address system through a standard IP-SIP (PBX) or CiserPBX (in the cloud or private network), for recording for audio through the Ciser System Audio Recording System IP-SIP, and for video through Standard VoIP codecs to IP video-surveillance systems.

Remote management and monitoring can be carried out from different points of the network and can be carried out from one or more centers. Integration with third-party applications connected to the network is possible.

In areas where the connection is feasible, traditional cabling is used, although the connection via mobile networks (4G/LTE) or Wi-Fi is also possible with Ciser System devices, where only the wireless connection is possible.

Ciser System Solutions for Security

Intercom systems

For individual and family visit booths

The use of the IP-SIP Security Intercom Telephone Ciser System with or without keyboard (Ref. CS-TSIPSEG-B and CS-TSIPSEG-KB) made of highly resistant material in cabin environments or visitor areas, allow point-to-point intercommunication with your interlocutor. In the case of use in cabins or booths for family visits, hands-free use is essential, and the IP-SIP Security Panphone with a completely flat surface without a keyboard is used. It is also possible to use other Panphone IP devices in other formats or cards integrated into the same infrastructure of the booths. It is also possible to adapt magnetic loops for people with hearing disabilities.

Audio Recording Systems

For examination rooms, interrogation rooms, common and visiting areas, courts

The new Audio recording elements of Ciser System allow audio recording in different environments. Audio can come from microphones (standard, covert or on detectors), intercoms, ambient sound or even from phone calls.

The main element is the Ciser System recording software, the Ciser Audio Recorder IP-SIP that allows the recording automatically or on demand of the audio coming from the different devices, either from microphone hubs, intercoms or IP-SIP telephones, among others.

In the case of rooms where several microphones can be installed, such as interrogation rooms, examination rooms and other common areas to capture ambient noise, the Ciser AudioHUB IP-SIP 1MX4 is available.

The Ciser AudioHUB IP-SIP concentrates the signal from up to 4 microphones sending the audio mix to the Audio Recording Server, with audio authenticity certification mark.

The system configuration will depend on the elements in each room or section to be recorded. In the case of interrogation rooms, there can be several AudioHUBs, one in the interrogation room, the other inside in the verifier room.

In the Examination Rooms also the AudioHUB IP-SIP recording systems both in the showroom and in the internal room, and can be accompanied by hands-free intercom for communication between rooms and speakers in the showroom.

In common areas it is possible to install recording systems either with traditional or hidden microphones in devices such as cameras or sensors.

Informative or SOS Intercom Systems

For Evacuation Zones, Common Areas or Accesses

The SOS Emergency Panphone in Yellow and Red colors are ideal for installation in different areas of buildings to provide emergency service or support if necessary. With hands-free intercommunication facilities, with compliance with the building standard CTE SUA9/SI 3-7, luminous indications and Braille, it is also possible to adapt magnetic loop for hearing impaired people.

Access Control Systems

For restricted areas, access doors, warehouses, sentry boxes, etc.

All Panphone IP-SIP, WIFI, GSM 4G/LTE or analog are devices that allow intercommunication and access control in restricted areas both in buildings and in remote sites, and can be installed in access doors, sentry boxes, warehouses, private areas, etc. All of them have relays that control doors or external devices. It is possible to install panic buttons, sensors or other devices to generate alarms. In addition to providing hands-free communication to extensions of PBX telephone exchanges or remote telephones depending on their version.
WIFI IP-SIP or GSM wireless Panphones can be installed in remote places where it is difficult to reach with physical wiring.
The versions with cameras also provide video for access control and access activation through QR.

They are very versatile devices in different built-in and surface-mounted versions, vandal resistant, highly weather resistant and ideal for inhospitable places.
The Security Panphone is also specially designed without holes and buttons for environments where greater security is required and avoid tampering.

Integrated Video Surveillance Systems

Both the Panphone IP-SIP with camera, IP cameras and Wall Monitor IP from Ciser System can be integrated into video surveillance systems, since VideoIP and standard codecs are used.

IP Public Address System

The Ciser System IP Public Address System is ideal for issuing announcements and sounds in large buildings. Both wall speakers, ceiling speakers, and IP speakers are POE, which makes their installation easier and more flexible. It is also possible to use IP Gateways that adapt traditional speakers and amplifiers to the IP Public Address system. Messages can be issued in a programmed, centralized and zoned configuration.


General Features

CiserSystem IP-SIP intercoms

  • IP-SIP intercom
  • Access control (by code, with card readers and others)
  • VoIP and IP video
  • Integration with IP PBXs and with CiserPBX
  • IP-SIP, IP-SIP + 4G/LTE, GSM or analogue communication
  • Integration with IP cameras
  • Integration with IP public address system (broadcasting of announcements)
  • Control of gates or barriers
  • Relays controlled locally or remotely
  • Intercom with 1 button or keypad dialing
  • Communication with one or more control centers
  • Remote control, configuration and testing from one or more Control Centers
  • Different presentation formats: Anti-vandal, with red (SOS) or yellow (Information) casing, PCB card (Integratable into any device)
  • Accessibility through braille and magnetic loop

CiserSystem Audio Recording IP-SIP System

  • Quality Audio Recording
  • Recording automatically or on demand
  • Integration with Ciser Audio Recorder IP-SIP
  • Transmission encrypted and certified audio
  • IP-SIP Audio
  • Recording from microphones, intercoms or IP-SIP phone calls
  • Ambient noise reduction
  • Centralized software
  • Recording Management Panel

Ciser System can make custom developments on its boards and devices, as well as its software applications, including the CiserPBX and Ciser Audio Recorder IP-SIP.

Customization and Projects

The different formats of physical presentation facilitate integration into various projects, since Ciser System can provide both finished equipment in various formats and PCB boards/cards, which can be incorporated into other devices or into the same infrastructure of the client or solution integrator.

By using communication standards and protocols, Ciser System solutions can be integrated with other proprietary or third-party solutions, IP-SIP (PBX), video surveillance systems, public address systems, access controls, alarm systems, security and control, IoT systems, SmartCities solutions and infrastructure management software applications, ERPs, among others.

Additionally they can be monitored and managed from one or more remote centers, using their own web application or through other standard applications (with SMNP, SCADA), or through APIs, also having testing and remote configuration tools facilitating and optimizing maintenance work.

With Ciser System solutions it is possible to save histories and reports of the different states, communications and interactions, which can also be used by external applications for advanced reports, dashboards, data analytics (Big Data), artificial intelligence and others.


Intercommunication and IP Control in one device Intercommunication and IP Control in one device
Everything you need for efficient intercom and control of devices remotely.

Different presentation formats Different presentation formats
Ciser System can provide both equipment finished as boards for integration into other devices.
<strong>IP and IP-SIP standard communication</strong> IP and IP-SIP standard communication
Standard Voice communication with IP PBX, through the SIP standard. The CiserPBX solution is available in the cloud or on-premise. Audio and video transmission using standard IP-SIP Codecs.
<strong>Wired and wireless solution</strong> Wired and wireless solution
The product versions allow communication in both wired and wireless connection formats with WIFI or via 4G/LTE.
<strong>Easy scalable</strong> Easy scalable
They can add as many devices as the LAN allows, there is really no limitation on the number of devices
<strong>Software in a customizable Web environment</strong> Software in a customizable Web environment
It is possible to access administrative environments via the web, both for administration and configuration. The proprietary software is customizable and adjustable according to customer needs for projects.
<strong>Easy Device Integration</strong> Easy Device Integration
The PCB card format allows its integration into other devices or customer infrastructures.
<strong>Remote Door Control and other I/O applications</strong> Remote Door Control and other I/O applications
The devices, both equipment and cards themselves, have control with Relays for the remote control of doors and other elements, with digital I/O. It is possible to add more digital inputs and outputs with OPTO card.
<strong>Easy integration with other solutions</strong> Easy integration with other solutions
Integration with other CiserSystem solutions and with others from third parties is possible. IP Public Address, Video Surveillance, Alarms, Analytics, Big Data and AI solutions among others can be integrated.
<strong>Easy installation and maintenance</strong> Easy installation and maintenance
Thanks to remote configuration and administration tools, it facilitates installation and maintenance.
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