Products de Ciser System

Intercom and Video-Doorphones

We have a wide range of intercoms with specific functionalities that characterize them from others in the market. They are more than just automatic doorphones since they are hands-free intercoms and have telephone functionalities for controlling electronic circuits for access control.

The Analog, IP, WIFI and GSM intercoms manufactured by us have been ranked as the best in terms of quality and performance. The communication by different means (Analog Extension, Public network telephone, IP extension or GSM) is very good in quality, appropriate for many access control, security and emergency applications.

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IP Gateways

The most reliable Gateways for IP telephony Communication, with different number of ports and sizes. Also are scalable and stackable for different configurations.

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IP PA Systems



The IP PA system of Ciser System allows to install or adapt traditional systems for the operation with announcements via IP telephony: Speakers, Gateways and Software.

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Ciser System has solutions for assistance in bathrooms for compliance with international safety and emergency regulations.

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Other Products


Ciser System also has a wide range of products to integrate with its other systems. Products such as: IP Phones, Mini IP PBX and Video-phones, among others.

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