Ciser System Solutions

IP Solutions for Intercom and Control of Ciser System
Parking lots, garages, barriers, charging points and more…

Ciser System has a wide range of solutions for parking applications, garages, barriers, and charging points for any type of vehicle (cars, motorcycles, bicycles, scooters, vans, trucks, etc). They provide solutions for unattended, remotely managed, or even automatic applications.

Projects can be built using Ciser System solutions with different configurations and formats, fully scalable, with easy installation, connection, and communication.

Ciser System technology can be found in:

  • Public and private parking lots
  • Unattended or reserved parking
  • Residential and private garages
  • Tourist rental garages
  • Barriers for restricted areas
  • Temporary access areas
  • Charging points in parking lots, on the street, at gas stations
  • Charging points for motorcycles, bicycles, and scooters
  • And more…

The communication and integration of Ciser System solutions are done through the IP protocol, which provides great flexibility and capacity. In areas where wired connection is feasible, traditional wiring is used, but for different applications, connection via mobile networks (4G/LTE) or wireless connection through WiFi is increasingly required, which is also possible with Ciser System equipment.

Intercom equipment is available in different physical presentation formats, depending on the specific applications and projects. In addition to providing finished equipment, Ciser System can also provide PCB cards/boards that can be incorporated into other devices or the client’s or solution integrator’s infrastructure. This allows for the construction of new customized products according to the integrator’s or client’s preferences.

By using communication protocols and standards, Ciser System solutions can be integrated with other proprietary or third-party solutions, PBX systems, video surveillance systems, public address systems, access control systems, alarm systems, security and control systems, IoT systems, SmartCities solutions, infrastructure management software applications, ERPs, among others. This allows for the integration of different solutions into a large-scale project.

Additionally, the solutions can be monitored and managed from one or more remote centers using the proprietary web application or other standard applications (with SNMP, SCADA), or through APIs. There are also remote testing and configuration tools that facilitate and optimize maintenance tasks.

With Ciser System solutions, it is possible to store historical data and reports of different states, communications, and interactions, which can also be used by external applications for advanced reporting, dashboards, data analytics (Big Data), artificial intelligence, and more.


  • IP-SIP hands-free intercom
  • High-quality audio intercom
  • Access control (remote, automatic with QR code, dial code, card readers, push buttons, and others)
  • VoIP and IP video communication
  • Integration with IP PBX systems
  • IP SIP, IP SIP + 4G/LTE, GSM, or analog communication
  • Integration with IP cameras
  • Integration with IP public address systems (announcement broadcasting)
  • Control of doors or barriers
  • Local, remote, or automatic controlled relays
  • Intercom with 1 button or dial code on a keypad
  • Centralized management for multiple points/devices/locations
  • Communication with one or more control centers
  • Remote control, configuration, and testing from one or more control centers
  • Integration with third-party systems: Web, SNMP, SCADA, APIs, etc.
  • Digital inputs and outputs and integration with IoT
  • Different presentation formats: Anti-Vandal, with red (SOS) or yellow (Information) casing, PCB card (integrable in any device)
  • Accessibility with braille and loop system for the hearing impaired
  • Control of rounds for surveillance or maintenance services (via code or card readers)
  • IP intercom available with CiserPBX

Ciser System also offers custom development services for their boards and devices, as well as their software applications, including the CiserPBX.

Complete IP Intercom and Control System

Ciser System’s IP intercom and control solutions for parking applications, barriers, charging points, and more, allow for remote communication and management of devices, which can have different configurations and formats (standalone devices or integrated cards). Intercom communication is done via SIP through a standard IP PBX or through CiserPBX (cloud or private network). Access control can be done automatically with a QR code, dial code, contact cards, or remotely from a landline or mobile phone. Everything can be controlled from a remote control center. Integration with third-party applications connected to the network is possible. It is also possible to use intercoms from other manufacturers with the use of the CiserPBX central.

Ciser System Solutions for Parking, Barriers and Changing Stations

IP Intercom and Control Systems

For Access, Barriers, Doors, and more

The use of Ciser System’s range of Panphones and PCB cards allows for intercom and control of entry barriers or doors for parking lots, garages, and restricted areas. Access can be granted through QR codes, dial codes, contact cards, or remotely from a landline or mobile phone.
Both QR codes and dial codes can be programmed or pre-configured, allowing for access applications such as pre-paid parking, temporary rental of parking spaces, temporary passage of vehicles in restricted traffic areas, among others.
These devices can be IP-SIP LTE/4G or WiFi. If the PCB card version is chosen, they can be integrated into kiosks or devices from other manufacturers.
They can be adapted with loop systems for the hearing impaired.

SOS and Informative Intercom Systems

For Evacuation Areas, Common Areas, or Access Points.

The Emergency SOS Panphones in yellow and red colors are ideal for installation in different areas of buildings to provide emergency service or support when needed. They have hands-free intercom capabilities, comply with building regulations likeCTE SUA9/SI 3-7, have luminous indications and braille, and can be adapted with loop systems for the hearing impaired.

Intercom Systems

For Assistance at Electric Vehicle Charging Stations

Ciser System’s Panphones and PCB cards allow for hands-free intercom assistance at electric vehicle charging points. They can be installed near the charging devices or inside the kiosk in the card version. Intercom communication can be done via IP-SIP, WiFi, GSM 4G/LTE, or analog. They would communicate with service centers for remote assistance and support. They can be adapted for users with hearing impairments with loop systems.

Intercom Systems

For Assistance at Payment Points

The entire range of Ciser System’s Panphones and PCB cards allows for quick and high-quality hands-free intercom assistance at payment points in public and private parking lots. These can be located in buildings, outdoor parking lots, or even on the street. The most common configuration is integration with third-party devices, but Panphone devices can also be used. Depending on the location and ease of connection, they can be IP-SIP, WiFi, GSM 4G/LTE, or analog. When the communication button is pressed, it would automatically call support call centers. They can also be adapted with loop systems for compatibility with users with hearing impairments.

Access Control Systems

For Restricted Areas, Access Doors, Warehouses, Guard Booths, etc.

All IP-SIP, WiFi, GSM 4G/LTE, or analog Panphones are devices that allow for intercom and access control in restricted areas, both in buildings and remote locations. They can be installed on access doors, guard booths, warehouses, private areas, etc. They all have relays that control doors or external devices. Panic buttons, sensors, or other devices can be installed to generate alarms. In addition to providing hands-free communication to PBX extensions or remote phones, depending on their version.
Wireless IP-SIP or GSM Panphone versions can be installed in remote locations where physical wiring is difficult to reach.
Versions with cameras also provide video for access control and QR-based access activation.

They are very versatile devices available in different surface and flush-mount versions, vandal-proof and resistant to harsh environments.
The Security Panphone is specially designed without holes and buttons for environments where greater security and tampering prevention are required.

CLOUD Intercom Service

Through CiserPBX

CiserSystem provides a cloud-based intercom service for those who do not have a private communication network, allowing for remote web management of IP-SIP intercom devices, both from Ciser System and third parties. Multiple locations can be connected, allowing for a distributed or centralized intercom system with one or more service centers.

The service also serves as an IP-SIP public address system, allowing for the creation of a public address system in multiple locations.

This service is complemented by the centralized management of Panphone devices via web or through centralized management systems using SNMP or APIs.

Integrated Video Surveillance Systems

Both IP-SIP Panphones with cameras, IP cameras, and IP wall monitors from Ciser System can be integrated into video surveillance systems, as they use standard VideoIP and codecs.

IP Public Address System

Ciser System’s IP public address system is ideal for broadcast announcements and sounds in large buildings. Both wall speakers, ceiling speakers, and IP horns are POE, which facilitates installation and makes it more flexible. Traditional speakers and amplifiers can also be adapted to the IP public address system using IP gateways. Messages can be scheduled, centralized, and broadcasted by zones.



IP Intercommunication and Control in one device IP Intercommunication and Control in one device
Everything you need for efficient intercommunication and remote device control.

Different presentation formats Different presentation formats
Ciser System can provide both finished equipment and boards for integration into other devices.
<strong>Standard SIP communication</strong> Standard SIP communication
Standard communication with IP PBXs, using the SIP standard. CiserPBX solution available in the cloud or on-premise.
<strong>Wired and wireless solution</strong> Wired and wireless solution
Product versions allow communication in both wired and wireless formats, with WIFI or via 4G/LTE.
<strong>Easy scalability</strong> Easy scalability
You can add as many devices as the LAN network allows, there is no real limitation on the number of devices.
<strong>Easy integration into devices</strong> Easy integration into devices
The PCB card format allows for integration into other devices or client infrastructures.
<strong>Remote control of doors and other I/O applications</strong> Remote control of doors and other I/O applications
The devices, both equipment and cards themselves, have relay control for remote control of doors and other elements, with digital I/O. It is possible to add more digital inputs and outputs with an OPTO card.
<strong>Easy integration with other solutions</strong> Easy integration with other solutions
Integration with other CiserSystem solutions and third-party solutions is possible. IP Public Address, Video Surveillance, Alarms, Analytics, Big Data, and AI solutions can be integrated, among others.
<strong>Easy installation and maintenance</strong> Easy installation and maintenance
Thanks to remote administration and configuration tools, installation and maintenance are facilitated.
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