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We are experts in Intercommunication, Telephony, Security and Assistance.

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Being integrators of complete technological solutions related to Intercommunication, Telephony, Security and Assistance, we can offer complete technological and operational consulting services for your projects in the areas of our specialties.

Ciser System has specialized technical and commercial personnel that can offer a complete service when analyzing and defining the best solution for your projects or those from your clients, both for those that include the products offered by us and for those that require some integration with related equipment or software.

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We have extensive knowledge of technology and its applications according to industry and market because we have worked on projects in sectors such as health care, security, public administrations, banking and industry, among others.

Likewise, we have knowledge in the operation of technological services, due to our experience in project implementation and maintenance, which allows us to offer a service more adjusted to the requirements of our customers once their needs have been analyzed.

Contact us if you require our services, we will help you in the best way.

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We have resources and technical capacity to offer fully integrated solutions within our products and third-party products. We can offer our turnkey services, from the design, planning, implementation and operation of the solutions. Some examples of solutions that are possible to perform, among others:

  • Emergency intercom on the underground, indoor and outdoor stations platforms.
  • IP intercom in train and tram cars.
  • Integrated intercommunication to barriers of entry and exit in parkings.
  • External intercom in the area of ​​hydraulic bollards for traffic restriction in historic city centers.
  • Intercommunication in cells and corridors in prisons and police stations.
  • Patient-nurse intercom in hospitals and nursing homes.
  • Intercommunication and telecare in adapted bathrooms to any type of building.
  • Intercommunication and centralized access control for Remote Power Generation Points.
  • Centralized intercom for remote ATMs.
  • Centralized intercom for warehouses, docks, ports, among others.
  • Access control and intercommunication in sports centers (access to tracks or courts).
  • Intercommunication and access control by zones in different types of Buildings.
  • Public address system and integrated telephone PBX.
  • IP Call Centers

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We offer our continuous training services to clients or distributors of the products we offer in our catalog.

We carry out a training plan if required for the different technical and user levels, including introductory courses, integration to advanced technical levels. We also conduct courses for user trainers.

Our courses can be face-to-face or by videoconference depending on the needs and locations of our clients, we also complete the training with complementary material, technical documentation and training videos on the use of our products.

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R & D

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Our R&D (Research and Development) department is constantly studying products, applications and integrations with systems and devices, always listening to the needs of our customers.

We are innovative in our areas of expertise and we are on the path of finding new and better features of our products and solutions.

Taking advantage of this technical and innovation capacity, we also make customized product modifications and customizations, so when a customer has any special requirements, we can analyze, propose and carry out specific developments for them. If that is your case, do not hesitate to contact us.

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