Ciser System Telemedicine Systems

Ciser System Telemedicine

Telemedicine solution in which a complete monitoring of people who require monitoring of their health can be carried out. It consists of a centralized device that must be located in the home of the patient or the person to be supervised and from there the measurements are taken from different devices. With them you can measure blood pressure, heart rate, blood insulin level, lung capacity, among others.

Until now, Telemedicine systems have been seen as something distant, complicated and expensive, however Ciser System has achieved a solution that allows Telemedicine to be brought closer to the current home, with a complete innovative and fully accessible system.

  • Age of the population increases.
  • Family members want to be informed of their loved ones at home to have greater peace of mind.
  • More and more homes have more access to technology that facilitates home communications to the Cloud.
  • The fact of not requiring travel facilitates interaction with patients and avoids unnecessary visits and inconveniences except in cases of emergency or critical situation.

Complete Telemedicine System

The Ciser System Telemedicine system, allows to solve the needs of remote monitoring of the health of elderly or critically ill people, since it consists of a remote monitoring device in the Home that communicates with different measurement devices to take the patient’s vital signs and then transmit them to a Cloud server. Both doctors and relatives can consult the data from any point through the web.



Integration with vital measurement devices Integration with vital measurement devices
Unlike others systems, the telemedicine system allows the integration of vital signs measurement devices from different leading brands. Apart from the devices themselves, devices such as blood pressure monitors, glucose meters, thermometers, weight meters, pulse oximeters, ECG monitors, among others, can be integrated.

Different ways to collect data from Measurement Devices Different ways to collect data from Measurement Devices
The information of the vital signs of a patient can be transmitted and saved through a USB cable or wirelessly through bluetooth, standard technologies that are increasingly used by various measurement devices.
<strong>Communication by different means with the Cloud Server</strong> Communication by different means with the Cloud Server
Unlike common telecare devices, this telemedicine system provides three-way communication with the Servers through a telephone line, network connection (ethernet) or Wi-Fi (WLAN).
<strong>Web-based</strong> Web-based
The information collection platform is completely based on the Web (Cloud), in such a way that patients, doctors and loved ones can interact with the information collected from the patient in a secure way. The three communication channels allow the communication of remote home devices that transmit the patient’s vital signs and are stored so that they can later be consulted by doctors, caregivers or family members and thus intervene before the patient’s condition becomes acute.
<strong>Email Alert</strong> Email Alert
The system allows configuring the vital signs to be monitored in addition to programming warnings in case the levels are exceeded. A notification email is automatically sent to those who have been indicated in advance.
<strong>Reminders</strong> Reminders
It is possible configure a calendar and programming in such a way that reminder notices go off so that patients take their medicines on time or take measurements with the devices.
<strong>Internal messaging service</strong> Internal messaging service
The system allows you to transmit messages sent from the Web from your doctors or loved ones.
<strong>Multi-user</strong> Multi-user
In the event that there is more than one person to monitor in a home, it is possible to configure up to 5 different accounts with username and password.
<strong>Video-conference</strong> Video-conference
Some of the Home monitoring devices allow communication between patients and doctors or relatives via videoconference for greater closeness and better communication.
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Central Home Telemedicine Equipment


Telehealth Central

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Telehealth Central Tablet

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