Intercom Card for standard IP-SIP extension, with quality audio and full duplex communication

It allows automatic dialing to an IP-SIP PBX’s extension by touching the external keyboard or call button.

The CSIP and CSIP 4G/LTE Cards are fully POE with enhanced audio characteristics like: high- quality audio, full duplex communication, echo canceller, ambient noise reduction, and more.

It allows up to 5 independent SIP accounts and it is possible to select among multiple codecs (g.722, g.726, g.729, g.711a/u, GSM and OPUS that allows bandwidth adjustment).

Available version with additional connection via 4G/LTE that allows backup communication.

It has activation relays (door opening) for remote use or in the same device with a dial PIN code (external keypad), proximity card (external card reader) or QR code (external camera), for which schedules and time can be set.

It has specific pin connectors for external devices such as keyboard, pushbutton, loudspeaker and proximity card reader.

Allows the connection of an IP camera to be used in IP video calls or for connection to centralized or remote video surveillance systems.

It also includes the ability to connect to external devices (biometric readers, proximity, etc.) and manage I/O inputs and outputs for LEDs, indicators and other devices.

It is possible to attach it an optional OPTO Card that includes additionally 4 digital inputs and 1 relay output.

It has additional optional functionalities upon request, 10W audio amplifier card, extra RJ45 port, OPTO card with 4 inputs/outputs and 1 extra relay and the functionality of additional speaker and microphone (Requires OPTO card).

Additionally, it facilitates maintenance work since it allows remote management and testing with public IP or through VPN.
They can be integrated with other external platforms through connection to databases, communication protocols and/or remote management or through APIs for special projects.

Any customization is possible, since the integrated PCB card allows installation in any preferred device, box, or structure, allowing its use in multiple applications and projects. It can be a component within a set of more complex systems.
It can be used to develop products or manufacture solutions using the branding of the integrator.

FeaturesProduct VersionsCommon uses

Available Versions*:

  • IP-SIP
  • IP-SIP & 4G/LTE

General features:

  • Handsfree intercom with hanging and automatic hang-up
  • Direct Connection to IP SIP standard PBX
  • Up to 5 independent IP-SIP accounts.
  • Improved audio quality, Full Duplex audio, Echo Canceller and Ambient Noise Reduction.
  • Codecs: g.722, g.726, g.729, g.711a/u, GSM and OPUS.
  • Call status audio messages (Door open, call in progress, close door, among others) in Spanish and English.
  • Remote administration via web interface.
  • Plate with 2 independent dry contact relays. Ideal for doors that activate electrically or external devices (card readers, fingerprint, etc).
  • Opening doors remotely (activation of relays) with dailing code from any extension.
  • Door opening/relay activation locally by PIN code dialing (external keypad), RFID (external card reader) and QR code (external camera).
  • Programming of relay activation times and periods for PIN numeric codes, RFID and QR
  • Up to 250 users for PIN, RFID or QR.
  • Supports Video Call and Video Streaming with external camera.
  • PCB Card Format for any Case, device or structure.
  • Illuminated indication (LED) in call status.
  • Specific connectors for push button, Keyboard, Proximity Card reader and IP Camera.
  • Wiring required, UTP and AC Power in cases of non-POE installation.
  • Winegard ports for other devices (biometrics, readers, etc.)
  • LED ports for indicators.
  • TLS Coding
  • DHCP support
  • RS-485, MODBUS (Scada) protocols support
  • Administration, local and remote configuration via web interface and SMNP, either by Public IP or via VPN
  • Remote audio test (speaker and mic).
  • Traffic Log Management and accesses, exportable to .xls, .csv and .pdf.
  • Option for Additional OPTO card with 4 digital inputs and 1 relay output.
  • Option for 10W Audio-Amplifier Card.
  • Option for Extra RJ45 port.
  • Option for Extra Speaker and Microphone.
  • Option for 2 extra buttons.
  • Option for integration with third party APIs or external DDBB.
  • Option for event notification via SIP call.
  • It works with Centrals (PBX) with Asterisk IP software and power stations such as Alcaltel, Avaya, Cisco, Elastix, Epygi, Denwa, Matrix, Nec, Panasonic, Siemens, Hiper PBX, Xorcom, Yeastar and Zycoo, and others.

*Note: visit ‘ product’s versions’ to check references.




Communication Protocol IP
Mobile Network Communication No
Frequency Bands LTE-TDD,LTE-FDD, UMTS/HSPA+, GSM/GPRS/EDGE 850/900/1800/1900MHz No
Dimensions (HxWxD) mm 119x85x16,9 mm




Communication Protocol IP and/or 4G/LTE
Comunicación por Red móvil Yes, 2G/3G/4G
Frequency Bands LTE-TDD,LTE-FDD, UMTS/HSPA+, GSM/GPRS/EDGE 850/900/1800/1900MHz Yes
Dimensions (HxWxD) mm 119x 85x 18,5 mm


  • Centralized access control for multiple sites or doors.
  • Unattended gatehouses or guardhouses.
  • Healthcare and geriatric environments.
  • Assistance zones in buildings and hotels.
  • Parking barriers and Tollgates.
  • Elevators and Kiosks
  • Emergency intercom on the high way (SOS points)
  • Public transportation stations
  • Non attended Fuel stations, self-service.
  • Accessibility systems for reduced mobility people.
  • Intercom in prisons
  • Vending machines
  • Tourist rental
  • Intercoms for operating rooms and hospitals, etc.
  • Public address system