Supervision and Safety

Supervision and Safety

Ciser System provides solutions focused on security and monitoring, with projects implemented in several countries.
The most common applications of this type of solutions are found in Penitentiary Centers, Correctional Centers, Hospital Assistance Centers, Residences for the elderly and in general for people who need to be supervised or monitored at all times.

The solutions consist of highly resistant monitoring elements specially designed for the use of people, like braceletes or hangers, with special safety lock systems to wear them comfortably, transmitters/receptors to be located to cover the facilities (or the zones designated) and control components such as consoles or software for the command and control center.

The solutions allow both to monitor the zones at all times by sending alerts in the event that the monitored person leaves the permitted zone or enters unauthorized zones. In the same way, the elements of the users can generate panic alarms in case the monitored person requires help in the face of events (attacks, health, emergency, etc.)
They also inform the center in the event that no signal of use of the device is received, either because the person is not using it or does not receive vital signs.

The units are continuously being monitored and the location can be seen from the control center. In the command and control center, if you have the graphic environment, you can see it in map format of the facilities.

All the information is transmitted from the devices to the control server where the record of all the events is saved to be monitored in real time or later analyzed through a graphical interface or as statistical reports. Esta funcionalidad es importante en caso de la reconstrucción de hechos relevantes y análisis de situaciones de crisis.

A command center can control multiple zones and even multiple centers in a multi-site format.


  • Real-time unit tracking
  • ID tracking
  • Zone control
  • Panic button in units
  • Events Recording
  • No signal alert and Low Battery
  • Vital signal alert
Solution Elements

Bracelet Prisoner Tracker


  • Waterproof (waterproofing grade: IP67)
  • Real-time tracking
  • GPS, WIFI communication options
  • Long standby time mode
  • Power on/off automatically
  • Data logger in no communications signal area
  • Vibration Alarms when:
    • Bracelet on/ off
    • SOS emergency calling
    • Exit or Enter Zones
    • Low battery

Management Software

100% web environment, pre-configured reports, user and administrator control. Multi-devices, Multi-site, enabled according to user licenses.

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