Anti-Vandalic GSM intercom

Anti-vandalism intercom for Mobile Cellular line, high strength and durability with with piezoelectric switches and surface installation, for outdoor or indoor use.


It is ideal for establishments where wiring is not possible or required (voice or data), allowing greater versatility and fast in installation. Dialing automatic to a phone number by pressing the button through the cellular mobile network. It can be used as an intercom and as a remote access control.

It allows dialing up to 10 pre-configured numbers that are dialed sequentially in case there is an error in the call or no answer.

It has 2 dry contact relays that operate independently, for connection of electric doors, which can be activated from remote telephone (with code, SMS or missed call). It can also be activated from external devices (such as card readers, biometric, proximity, etc.), since it has digital inputs to which buttons and sensors can also be connected. It can generate alarms by calling a telephone number with the activation of some sensor input.

Now GSM intercoms can have pre-recorded messages that indicate the status or activity. These messages can be in several languages, Spanish (Spanish), English, Portuguese and Catalan, are available, other languages ​​upon request.

It has an IP-55 housing, it can be used outdoors in places inhospitable. It is perfect for SOS points, access control multiple sites or doors, intercoms for gas stations, specific areas, hotels and hospital environments and so on (see common uses).

NOTE: Product replaced by the GSM 4G/LTE version. Please see GSM 4G/LTE Panphones here.

FeaturesProduct VersionsCommon uses

Available Versions*:

  • Surface or Flush Mount
  • Numeric keyboard or button
  • Only PCB Card

General features:

  • Handsfree intercom with hanging and automatic hang-up
  • Direct connection via telephone by Cellular Mobile Line.
  • Sequence dialing to 10 programmed numbers.
  • With 2 independent dry contact relays. Ideal for doors that activate electrically or external devices (card readers, fingerprint, etc).
  • Opening doors remotely (activation of relays) with dailing code from any telephone or by making a call or SMS
  • IP-55 Resistant anti-vandal case for indoor or outdoor for environmental and hygenic conditions.
  • Contact input (sensors, alarms, etc.) to make a call.
  • The Keyboard version allows to open doors through a code
  • Wiring, AC power
  • It works with the most common mobile cellular network frequencies (850, 900, 1800 and 1900 Mhz), which allows its use in coverage areas of different networks.

*Note: Note, visit ‘ product’s versions’ to check references.

GSM Panphone Series 4







Formato Surface Flush Mount PCB Card
Button or piezo-electric Keyboard 1 button Keyboard 1 button Keyboard N/A
Dimensions (HxWxD) mm 187x104x32 External 217,41×128,8×8,6
Internal 180×91,40×30
  • Control de acceso para distintas sedes o puertas.
  • Garitas o porterías remotas desatendidas.
  • Sedes remotas y de difícil acceso.
  • Barreras de parking y peajes.
  • Gasolineras, estaciones de servicio desatendidas.
  • Garajes.
  • Ascensores.
  • Comunicadores de emergencia en carreteras (puntos SOS).
  • Estaciones de transporte publico.
  • Sistemas de accesibilidad para personas de movilidad reducida.
  • Zonas Refugio o de Emergencia en hoteles, hospitales y otro tipo de edificaciones.
  • Maquinas de vending.