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IP-SIP Video-Phone 7” Display GXV3370

IP-SIP Video-Phone

7” Display


IP-SIP Business Phone X7

IP-SIP Business Phone

Keyboard+7” Display


IP-SIP Business Phone X210i

IP-SIP Business Phone

Keypad+4,3” Display +2 x 3,5″ Display


PBX210 – Mini IP SIP PBX


IP-SIP Wall Monitor 4,3″

Reference – A007

Facial-Recognition Access Control

Facial-Recognition Access Control

Access control through facial recognition:

  • Access control through high precision facial recognition with 2 cameras.
  • Backlit compensation for night light compensation.
  • Capacity for 300 faces.
  • Capacity to store 10,000 access records.
  • Access control through PIN code.
  • Silver aluminum alloy.
  • For surface or flush mounting.
  • For outdoor IP55 air and dustproof.
  • TNumeric keypad for code entry.
  • Dimensions 105x210x31mm.
  • 12V power supply.
  • Current 300mA.
  • Weight 950g.

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