The CSIP board, in addition to providing the Intercommunication functionality, offers multiple features that allow integration into your projects. 



Our cards are developed to be integrated into a multitude of projects.

Possible applications

  • Information kiosks.
  • Elevators.
  • Parking barriers and tolls.
  • Emergency road communicators (SOS points).
  • Vending machines.
  • Gas stations, unattended service stations.
  • Penitentiary Centers.
  • Centralized security access control for multiple locations or doors.
  • Exterior doors of buildings, houses and garages.
  • Intercoms for operating rooms and hospitals, etc.
  • Checkpoints or unattended remote gates.
  • Healthcare and geriatric facilities.
  • Public transport stations.
  • Accessibility systems for people with reduced mobility.
  • Hotels and other types of buildings.
  • Public address systems.


We supply cards and we develop tailor-made services

Ask us about the features required in your solutions and we will help you with integration by developing customized of your needs.


CSIP Features


In addition, the CSIP board can be integrated with SCADA via Modbus, RS485, 4G protocol /LTE, 3G, 2G, WIFI, Additional digital input card, 3 relay outputs, Customizable voice messages, communication security, RFID, IP cameras, call recording, integration with BBDD, etc.


Available Card versions

All versions of Ciser System Panels to integrate into your equipment:

Card IP-SIP(Ref. CSIP)
Card IP & 4G/LTE (Ref. CSIP 4G/LTE)
Card GSM (Ref. 4039)
Card Analog (Ref. 3038)