Discover the Ciser System products for a peaceful holiday

We have in our catalog products that can make your clients’ holidays, and yours, very peaceful.

Within the Ciser System options you can find solutions for:

Remote Access Control

  • By QR code
  • By code on Keyboard
  • By DTMF tones
  • By mobile app
  • By proximity card
  • Remote door opening
  • With or without intercom
  • With calls to landlines, mobiles or PBX
  • Wireless WIFI or 4G
  • Remote central control of several offices, houses or buildings

Device Control and Remote Monitoring

  • Opening of gates, fences, garages, bollards, etc.
  • Remote Alarms, for security or from sensors (humidity, CO2, temperature etc.)
  • Control of external devices (switches, lights, air conditioning, etc.)
  • Control from mobile devices or web
  • Monitoring Audio and Noise levels
  • Cameras in the access and integration with other IP cameras.
  • Also with wireless WIFI or 4G connection
  • Remote central control of several offices, houses or buildings

Generation of Announcements and Remote PA

  • IP public address system for several rooms
  • Generation of notices from landlines, mobile phones or switchboard
  • Remote central control of several offices, houses or buildings


Ideal products for offices, vacation rental homes, farm houses, unattended headquarters, warehouses, storage rooms, SOHO small offices, remote doors, private homes, office centers, companies with multiple locations, among others.


Ciser Solutions System

Panphones range

It is the perfect solution if what you need is access control, intercom, device control and/or remote supervision.

  • IP-SIP or WIFI or 4G wireless solutions
  • Robust and resistant equipment for indoor or outdoor use
  • Access control via QR, DTMF, keypad code or proximity card (depending on version)
  • Hands-free intercom
  • External device control
  • Option of IP camera
  • And more…



Access Control for Small Offices or Homes (SOHO)

If you need Access Control, Intercom and Remote Door Opener at very affordable price:

  • IP-SIP or WIFI wireless solutions
  • Equipment for indoor or outdoor
  • Access control via DTMF
  • Hands-free intercom
  • One or two lines of communication
  • Inputs for alarms
  • And more…

If you need a simple IP access-control with camera for mobile application

  • Remote intercom
  • IP-SIP or WIFI wireless solutions
  • Equipment for indoor or outdoor
  • Access control via Mobile App
  • And more…



IP Public Address Remote  and Announcement Broadcasting

IP public address system to broadcast announcements and sounds in different rooms, all IP: loudspeakers, horns and gateways. It can be integrated with telephone systems in such a way that announcements can be issued via mobile phones, landlines or from the switchboard.



Audio Monitoring

Audio monitoring and recording systems

Ciser System currently has a series of products designed for ambient noise monitoring and recording. It also allows recording.


Video surveillance and IP cameras

Remote video surveillance

All Ciser System IP camera devices can be viewed remotely (via web or mobile) and can be easily integrated into existing CCTV systems. Additionally, they can be viewed on the Wall Monitors from our catalogue.