A few months ago we announced the new intercom IP-SIP SOHO with door opening control using DTMF tones.

Now, we announce the version with 2 pushbuttons and 2 IP-SIP lines, with an amazing price.

Both the 1 pushbutton/1 line version (DP-91-S) and the new 2 pushbutton/2 lines (DP- 91-D) enable all the functionality of intercom with SIP call by pressing the button.

A very cheap price*!

*For updated prices and distribution discounts contact your commercial.


It is an ideal access control for offices, factories, vacation rental houses, farmhouses, warehouses, among others


Why it is ideal? … Functionalities and features

Door opening by DTMF tones from remote telephone.

Communication is completely IP-SIP FULL DUPLEX, with high definition HD audio, echo cancellation and supports multiple CODECs.

Its aluminum front panel and metal box are easy to install on the wall.

Allows SIP call to an extension in a PBX or directly to an IP telephone or compatible Pad-monitor (eg Wall Monitor).

With several remote management features that make it easy to manage.

It is compatible with our other products such as the Wall Monitor and Android Videophones.



Technical characteristics

  • Codecs: G.722, PCMA, PCMU, G.729, G723_53, G723_63, G726_32.
  • Configuration via Web.
  • Diagnostics and updates via the Web.
  • Static IP or DHCP.
  • 1 IP-SIP line (Ref. DP-91-S) / 2 IP-SIP lines (Ref. DP-91-D)
  • 100M/10M RJ45 Ethernet port, POE
  • POE or 12V 1A power supply
  • 1 port for door control
  • Sensor IN port
  • Port for speaker and micro ext.
  • RS-232 port
  • SSH Key Port