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The CSIP board, in addition to providing the Intercommunication functionality, offers multiple features that allow integration into your projects.      Our cards are developed to be integrated into a multitude of projects.

Possible applications

  • Information kiosks.
  • .

New SECURITY Panphones

Date: June 23,  2022
Categories: NEWS

We present the New Security Panphone devices for all communication versions:    IP-SIP Security  Panphone   WIFI Security  Panphone   Analógico Security Panphone   GSM Security  Panphone  

Completely Flat Surface without Holes

  It has a piezo-electric call button on.

New WIFI Panphones in all Series

Date: March 03,  2022
Categories: NEWS

We have recently added to our Catalog the new Panphone Products in their Wireless WIFI Full Duplex version, in all series: 
  • Series C
  • Series 4
  • Series Emergencia SOS (Yellow and Red)
All the advantages of Full Duplex products.

New IP Phones Security & ATEX

Date: November 18,  2021
Categories: NEWS

This month we are presenting our New Phones and Intercoms totally IP-SIP for Industrial and Security applications. Being robust, anti-vandalism equipment, made of resistant materials and components, they are suitable for harsh environments, and can be in contact with corrosive chemicals. ATEX references.

Panphone Accessibility with Magnetic Loop

Date: May 14,  2021
Categories: NEWS

The magnetic or induction loop allows to improve the audio signal for people with some hearing impairment who use compatible "T" hearing aids. Now the Ciser System IP Panphones using this technology allow your clients to adopt measures in the face of.