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New CSIP Firmware with more features

Date: July 21,  2022
Categories: NEWS

With the new Firmware version we have added more features to the Panphone IP SIP and CSIP card versions. Improvements in Codecs for IP communication: now it is possible to work with codecs g729, G711a andG711u.  

Improvements in Access Control and RFID

  • It is now.


The CSIP board, in addition to providing the Intercommunication functionality, offers multiple features that allow integration into your projects.      Our cards are developed to be integrated into a multitude of projects.

Possible applications

  • Information kiosks.
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New SECURITY Panphones

Date: June 23,  2022
Categories: NEWS

We present the New Security Panphone devices for all communication versions:    IP-SIP Security  Panphone   WIFI Security  Panphone   Analógico Security Panphone   GSM Security  Panphone  

Completely Flat Surface without Holes

  It has a piezo-electric call button on.

New WIFI Panphones in all Series

Date: March 03,  2022
Categories: NEWS

We have recently added to our Catalog the new Panphone Products in their Wireless WIFI Full Duplex version, in all series: 
  • Series C
  • Series 4
  • Series Emergencia SOS (Yellow and Red)
All the advantages of Full Duplex products.

New IP Phones Security & ATEX

Date: November 18,  2021
Categories: NEWS

This month we are presenting our New Phones and Intercoms totally IP-SIP for Industrial and Security applications. Being robust, anti-vandalism equipment, made of resistant materials and components, they are suitable for harsh environments, and can be in contact with corrosive chemicals. ATEX references.