We are pleased to announce a breakthrough in the functionalities of our devices and IP cards with the new version of the Firmware

Now, both the  Panphone IP SIP and the  CSIP cards  in all the versions that include a camera are capable of identifying QR codes for door opening (or relay activation).

It is possible to create QR codes that are activated either for a single use, multiple uses or for specific dates and times.

All this is controllable from the administrative panel which can be accessed via web browser .

  • Once the QR is generated, it is possible to download it or send it by email from the device or card.

  • This functionality has multiple applications , especially when you want to give temporary access to a certain user: widely used, for example, in accessing apartments or houses for tourist rental, rural houses, storage rooms, garages, portals (for receiving online purchase shipments), access for maintenance, rounds , among many other applications.

More features added in this version

VPN (Virtual Private Network)

With this new software version, the possibility of connecting Panphone IP SIP devices and CSIP Cards  to networks is added, through a Virtual Private Network with OpenVPN.

This allows for greater security in the connections, being able to create a secure encrypted communications network , in addition to avoiding problems for connection with Routers, Nat and others.

Call white-list

  • Now it is also possible to create a call white-list  in the SIP section, where specific numbers are allowed or blocked to communicate with the device or card.

Call time

  • The call duration time can now be set from 0 to 7200 seconds, maximum.

Products with these new features

IP SIP, IP-SIP LTE/4G and WIFI Panphones

All Panphone series:

  • Panphone IP-SIP, IP-SIP LTE/4G and WIFI  Serie4
  • Panphone IP-SIP, IP-SIP LTE/4G and WIFI  SerieC
  • Panphone IP-SIP, IP-SIP LTE/4G and WIFI Emergency SOS  Red and Yellow
  • Panphone IP-SIP, IP-SIP LTE/4G and WIFI Security


CSIP Cards

All CSIP cards

  • CSIP card
  • Card CSIP LTE/4G

NOTE: The QR functionality is only applicable in the versions of the products with a camera, since it is necessary to read the image with the code.