Now our IP Panphones will be even better …

The last few months we have been working on the development of a completely New IP-SIP Card.

We are pleased to announce that the result of that work and effort comes with the New IP-SIP Card from CiserSystem (we will call it CSIP), with features that far exceed previous IP communication cards.

Audio features enhancements are important:

The new card is completely FULL DUPLEX, it has echo cancellation, ambient noise reduction and management of multiple CODECs, even the OPUS so demanded for new applications.

It also has Call Status Messages, 5 SIP Accounts and various remote management functionalities and many more. 

“The functionalities of the new card will have many more applications for your current and future projects.”

Features and functionalities of the New CIS-IP IP Card:

  • Improved audio quality
  • Full duplex audio
  • Echo Canceller
  • Ambient noise reduction
  • Up to 5 independent SIP accounts
  • Codecs: OPUS; g722, g726, g711 and GSM
  • Call-status audio messages (Door open, call in progress, close door and other customizable messages upon request)
  • Remote administration, traffic log management and remote microphone/speaker test.
  • Other additional options such as:
    • Additional automation card with 4 inputs and 1 relay output
    • Notification Via SIP call
    • Integration with other platforms with APIs


  • Enhanced audio at all levels: more codec support, noise reduction, echo canceller, and full duplex audio.
  • Audio codecs such as OPUS that allows bandwidth adjustment per communication with quality improvement and BW consumption.
  • Improves equipment maintenance due to its remote functionalities avoiding staff travel.
  • Better administration in general, event notification, remote management and traffic logs that allows use of statistical analysis applications to generate reports.
  • Applications with multiple SIP accounts:
    • Connection with more than one telephone IP PBX (Up to 5)
    • Video / audio conference
  • New applications uses with: I/O events notification through SIP call (Optional), SCADA (Coming soon), Applications with third-party APIs (Optional), among others.


The New Products in the Catalog with the CSIP card and their references are the following:

Panphones IP-SIP Series 4 FULL DUPLEX CSIP

1 button, surface, CSIP card, Full-duplex Audio (Ref. 4510)
1 keyboard, surface, CSIP card, Full-duplex Audio (Ref. 4520)
1 button, flush mount, CSIP card, Full-duplex Audio (Ref. 4530)
1 flush-mounted keyboard, CSIP card, Full-duplex Audio (Ref. 4540)



NOTE: The new Panphone Series 4 will have new references to differentiate them from those of the previous cards, therefore it must be taken into account in new orders. Little by little more products will be added to the catalog, including this new CSIP card.