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IP-SIP Card for Security Anti-intrusion System

IP-SIP Card for security anti-intrusion systems, which is additionally installed inside the access door as a secondary card.

This board has the control of the opening relays that are activated remotely thanks to the main card. This system prevents physically access for the activation of the door opener relays of the intercom that is generally located outside.

This system is mainly used in high security applications and environments, such as penitentiary centers, bank headquarters, loading and unloading areas, schools, company security areas and industrial warehouses. (see common uses).

The IP-SIP security card is delivered assembled in a plastic box and includes an external power supply.

The card has all the intercom features of Panphone IP-SIP devices, therefore it allows automatic dialing to standard IP-SIP PBX extension by pressing a button or external keyboard.

Like the basic IP-SIP PCB (Ref. 3032i), it has an extra Ethernet port, 2 additional relays and a 20W speaker.

It is also possible to connect to it external elements such as an IP camera, readers (biometric, proximity, etc.) and can manage I/O inputs and outputs for LEDs, Indicators and other devices.


FeaturesProduct VersionsCommon uses


  • Surface installation box
  • With 1 IP Port PoE

General Features:

  • Additional board to Intercom System
  • Assembled in Plastic Box
  • Handsfree intercom with hanging and automatic hang-up
  • Direct Connection to IP SIP of PBX centrales IP with SIP standard
  • Easy configuration through Web Server integrated in the equipment.
  • Board with 2 independent dry contact relays. Ideal for doors that activate electrically or external devices (card readers, fingerprint, etc).
  • Opening doors remotely (activation of relays) with dailing code from any extension.
  • Extra IP port for connection of other devices.
  • Wiring required, UTP and AC Power in cases of non-POE installation.
  • Winegard ports for other devices (biometrics, readers, etc.)
  • LED ports for indicators.
  • It works with IP-PBX with Asterisk software and IP-PBX like Alcaltel, Avaya, Cisco, Elastix, Epygi, Denwa, Matrix, Nec, Panasonic, Siemens, Hiper PBX, Xorcom, Yeastar and Zycoo, among others.

*Note: visit the section “Product Versions” to see references.

IP-SIP Card for Security Anti-intrusion System



Format Surface
Button or numeric keypad Not included
Dimensions  (HxWxD) mm 105x105x35 (Box)
Color Camera Not included
Card Reader Not included
  • Penitentiary centers.
  • Bank branches
  • Industrial Ships.
  • Business headquarters.
  • Centralized access control for different offices or doors.
  • Loading and Unloading Zones.
  • Schools.
  • Restricted áreas.