We have recently added to our Catalog the new Panphone Products in their Wireless WIFI Full Duplex version, in all series: 

  • Series C
  • Series 4
  • Series Emergencia SOS (Yellow and Red)
In multiple versions, with or without camera and/or Card Reader*.

All the advantages of Full Duplex products now with WIFI IP-SIP wireless communication, easy to install for places that are difficult to access with conventional wiring.

*(Check available versions)

General characteristics

Completely FULL DUPLEX communication, with echo cancellation, ambient noise reduction and support for multiple CODECs, including the OPUS codec for special applications.

With Call Status Messages, it includes 5 IP-SIP Accounts and several remote management features that facilitate its administration.

WIFI IEE 802.11 (b,g,n) at 2.4 GHz and 300Mbps with a wireless range of approximately 100 meters in open spaces and 50 meters indoors.

WIFI configuration from the Panphone administration panel

Additional technical features

  • Codecs: OPUS; g722, g726, g711 y GSM
  • Audio messages (Door open, call in progress, close the door and other customizable messages on request)
  • Remote administration, management of traffic logs and remote microphone/speaker test.
  • Configuration from Panphone Administration Panel.
  • Automation card with 4 inputs and 1 relay output can be added
  • Integration with other platforms with APIs
  • And others more.


  • Remote access doors
  • Elevators
  • Emergency Intercom
  • Refuge Zones in Buildings
  • Information Points or Customer Service
  • Doors and parking lots
  • Order stations (Drive-throughs)