SOHO Video-doorphones

SOHO Video-doorphones

Practical video intercom for small businesses and home offices (SOHO) manageable through smartphone application (Smartphone) *.

Through the mobile application (iOS and / or Android compatible), it is possible to view the camera, have voice communication and open the door through simple actions within the application, from any location.

It is a silver aluminum device, prepared for outdoor installation (IP-55), its installation is simple and convenient on the surface.

It connects to the LAN via Ethernet cable or wirelessly via WIFI.

It also has night vision functionality thanks to night light compensation, allowing its use at any time of day and night.

Power adapter is included, although it can also be connected to 12V DC sources.

Items included:

  • 1 SOHO Video-doorphone SOHO PL960M
  • 1 Free mobile application downloadable in Appstore and Google Play

* Phone (Smartphone) not included

With the SOHO Video intercom you can have many practical applications in addition to being an office access control, it can be used for example in factories, holiday rental houses, house-farms, warehouses, among others.

It is compatible with our other products such as the Wall Monitor and Android Videophones.


Video-doorphone SOHO PL960M

Video intercom, WIFI manageable by mobile application.


Mobile application for PL960M

Downloadable iOS or Android application in AppStore and Google Play respectively. Telephone not included.

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