Telephony Communications IP Gateways

IP Gateways

Our offer in telephone products includes products adapting traditional telephone to more current environments such as IP telephone. Include are the Analog ATA Gateways to IP-SIP with which you can reuse existing analog telephone resources for use in IP-SIP environments and be able to use all the IP Telephone functionalities of the IP SIP switchboards (IP-PBX YEP).

We have equipment for various needs and sizes of office, which allow modular growth from 2 extensions to 72 FXS.

Because its operation is standard, the ATA Gateways we offer can operate with both conventional analog elements and with IP-SIP Control Units (IP-PBX SIP) standard from various manufacturers. Of course they are compatible with the switchboards and products found in our catalog.

NOTE: All references of this line of products are not longer available. Any information you can contact commercial department of Ciser System.



Gateway ATA Analog to IP-SIP of 2 FXS.


Gateway ATA Analog to IP-SIP. version of 24 & 32 FXS.


Gateway ATA Analog to IP-SIP. version of 48, 64 y 72 FXS.