Assisted Bathrooms

Assisted Bathrooms

The solution for bathrooms consists of a set of elements that together provide a simple and effective solution for issuing warnings in case of emergency or requesting assistance in bathrooms, toilets and cabins, by means of acoustic and light signaling.
It is a solution specially designed for disabled bathrooms, professional consultations, offices of educators, offices, customer service centers, and so on.

It is ideal to comply with the regulations for assisted toilets of Royal Decree 173/2010 of February 19, which regulate and stipulate mandatory compliance in construction and renovation reforms of Services and locker rooms for people with disabilities in areas of public use.

The solution consists of a complete initial basic kit for bathroom and the display/concentrator module (optional) to control up to 8 bathrooms.

Items included in the basic kit:

  • 1 Acoustic and light signaling module
  • 1 Call module with cord
  • 1 Cancellation and call module with double functionality
  • 1 power supply to provide power to all the elements and internal electronics of the elements and LEDs.
  • 1 Instruction manual for installation and wiring (Easy installation)

Note: All the elements comes with trim frames and can be installed in a universal box.

Its installation is simple and comfortable, which allows an easy installation either in new construction or in small renovation.

It is possible with additional elements to have several monitored bathrooms, in this case to control up to 8 bathrooms, the display module should be added.

If you want to control a greater number of assisted bathrooms or display in an alarm control center, you must request additional information for specific projects from our commercial department.

Components of Assisted Bathrooms kit

Call and cancel Module

Call and cancel module with green and red mechanical push buttons and LED indicator with trimmed frame.


Call Module With Cord

Call Module with cord and LED indications with trimmed frame

Light and Acoustic Signaling Module

Light and acoustic signaling module, red with frame

Power Supply

DC Power Supply for connecting the kit modules in the Bathroom.

Display/communicator Module (Optional)

Display module to control up to 8 baths, to be installed in the control center, includes trim frame. It is connected to the bathrooms by 2-wire wiring (bus type).

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